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Hello dear Reader,

I'm Tanisha - A licensed Mental Health Professional, Creative Arts Psychotherapist & Counsellor.

Welcome to my wellness in mental health project, Loving Therapy...

As a mental health professional and advocate for BIPOC-friendly, inclusive, accessible support for all, I sometimes find my private practice The Global Therapy Roomas incredible as it is, not quite impactful enough in versatile offeringsand as a creative, I love to diversify how I provide services and help. 

Let’s face it, private therapy isn’t available to all if even many. 

The bespoke, tailored one-to-one care and attention comes at a price that some cannot afford. 

I would know, for many years I was also at that place. I had to find what I could, sourcing many bits of knowledge and research from the internet to make sense of my experience and heal my emotional wounds. 

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Now, so much can be offered to those needing guidance, or those just curious for psychology insights. With Loving Therapy, I hope to aid some of that curiosity. 

Sharing, tool/content creating and facilitating events as means of support to the wellness community is very important to me. 

Through my love for therapy, community connection, the liberation that comes through trauma healing and the incredible versatility of what healing looks like, I was led to create this platform – filled with knowledge-feeding articles, mental health resources and essential relational skills. 

I hope this space can arm you with the right tools for connection, mental health wellness and sincere self-love. 

I’m glad you’ve made it here, stay as long as you like. 



Tanisha Rose MA. AThR. HCPC. is a qualified Art Psychotherapist & Counsellor, offering workshops, educational events, and one-to-one support – both online and in-person. 

Inspiring creative work


She creates of a balance of free, interactive and educational offerings, alongside her private therapy practice, using her skills, education and expertise to meet different wellness and mental health needs. 

As a culturally-sensitive professional, Tanisha with Afro-Caribbean, Maori, Pasifika, East & South Asian and Pakeha clients. 
As an expat and a Black woman of Caribbean & European heritage, Tanisha provides a safe and comfortable space to explore issues around race, sexuality, migration, cultural identity and mental health for those needing a trauma-informed, creative-friendly, therapist-of-colour. 
To find more information on The Global Therapy Room’s latest offerings see: www.globaltherapyroom.com



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